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Nautica Medicare Sdn Bhd


Inspection and Certifications Requirements

As per NPM08/2013 by Jabatan Laut Malaysia “In conforming with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, Marine Department Malaysia requires that ships shall possess a Certificate of Inspection for ‘Medicine Chest’ issued by a registered Pharmacist or a Registered Medical Practitioner. The validity of the said certificate shall not exceed one (1) year.”

Inspection and certification for ships medicine chest can be carried out onboard or non boarding. Compliance category is according to the vessel plying limit:

A – Unlimited
B – Near Coastal
C – Domestic

Supply of Medicine and Medical Equipment

We supply & deliver all range of medicine and medical equipment. We committed to serve our esteem client to their satisfaction and needs.

Provide Medical Officer and Assistant Medical Officer Onboard

Disposal of Drug and Medical Equipment

In accordance with local authority requirement under schedule waste (SW4) items to be dispose and recorded. We provide in-house for proper disposal arrangement.

Training of Medical Attendant

To provide training with regards to medical attendant for:
  • First aider
  • Drugs dispensing and prescription
  • Medical evaluation and emergency attending procedure
  • Training in accordance to IMGS 3rd Edition 2013

Drug and Alcohol Test

Compliance to Offshore and Marine Standard
  1. Onboard Unannounced Drug and Alcohol Test
  2. Upon Request
  3. Supply of Test Cup and Test Strip

Pandemic Management

To provide consultancy and services related to pandemic management (i.e: Covid-19, Mers-Cov, etc)

Medical Consultancy

  1. Issuance of Fitness Certificate
  2. Psychological Support to seafarer/ maritime industry
  3. PTSD support and counselling
  4. Mental health and NCD management
  5. Disaster and OSH management